Pricey Harrison

Friday, April 22, 2005

Renewing A Driver's License On The Internet

Motorists could renew their driver's licenses on the Internet and all applicants would start getting licenses by mail in a measure approved by a House transportation panel on Wednesday. DMV offices would issue a temporary driving certificate good for 10 days. The temporary certificate would not be valid as an identification card. The 10-day period also would give DMV officials a chance to determine whether a motorist is trying to generate a false identification or steal someone's identity. The bill, which was sponsored by Rep. Ronnie Sutton (D-Robeson), would give drivers between ages 18 and 38 licenses good for eight-year terms, up from the current five. Drivers between ages 25 and 59 could renew on the Internet for an additional five years before having to return to a local DMV office. This would result in a maximum 13-year wait between in-person visits. The measure now goes to the House Appropriations committee.


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