Pricey Harrison

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

House Holds Session In Edenton

On Wednesday, nearly 100 House members attended a special session 140 miles east of Raleigh at the Chowan County Courthouse in Edenton. They traveled there to commemorate the town's significance to the state, holding the session a stone's throw from where their colonial counterparts met nearly three centuries ago. The town took the lawmakers back in time. Two teens bearing muskets dressed as sentries, and a town crier in full regalia rang the bell to bring lawmakers into the nation's oldest operating courthouse, where they squeezed into most of the available space.

Edenton is the hometown of House Rules Committee Chairman Bill Culpepper, D-Chowan, who has wanted to hold session in the historic town for almost a decade. The session took up several non-controversial items, all approved by voice votes. Lawmakers approved a resolution honoring Edenton's significance to the state and gave final approval to a bill to make the Venus flytrap the state's official carnivorous plant and the fraser fir as the state's official Christmas tree. House members returned to Raleigh late Wednesday and met in their normal surroundings on Thursday.


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