Pricey Harrison

Friday, May 20, 2005

Instructing Students About "Safe Surrender" Law

The House passed legislation on Tuesday, which would require local boards of education to ensure that students in grades eight through twelve receive instruction or information annually about the manner in which a parent may lawfully abandon a newborn baby with a responsible person. Reps. Phil Haire, (D-Jackson), Susan Fisher, (D-Buncombe), and Carolyn Justice, (R-Pender), sponsored House Bill 683.

The Infant Homicide Prevention Act, or Safe Surrender, was passed by state legislators in 2001 and allows for a mother to abandon her child with a responsible adult without being questioned or prosecuted. A recent incident in Cumberland County, where a young mother turned over her healthy, newborn baby to a law enforcement official, has illustrated that the "Safe Surrender" law can work.


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