Pricey Harrison

Friday, May 20, 2005

North Carolina'sLegislation On Federal Land Use

Opponents of a proposed Navy aircraft practice landing field in Beaufort and Washington counties are pleased that the General Assembly has given final approval to a bill they believe could make it harder for the military to build on the site. The Senate voted 45-3 in favor of legislation that likely would require the federal government to consult with state lawmakers before it buys more than 25 acres of land in North Carolina. The bill passed the House several weeks ago and now goes to Governor Mike Easley for signature. The measure would alter a 98-year-old law that gives the federal government exclusive authority over land it buys. Bill sponsors have said it will not block the Navy from using the North Carolina site, but would force the federal government to sit down with the state and negotiate over land acquisitions. More than 30,000 acres at the proposed outlying landing field have yet to be acquired by the military.


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