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Friday, May 20, 2005

Update On Two Of My Bills

* House Bill 1328, "Pardon/Expunction of Record"
Yesterday the House unanimously passed HB 1328, which would provide for the expunction of records for someone who has been granted a pardon of innocence. I learned from Darryl Hunt that, despite the fact that he had been exonerated from his conviction, and had received a pardon of innocence from Governor Easley, he still carried a first degree murder conviction on his record. After doing some research, I learned that there is no automatic opportunity to clear one's record once granted a pardon of innocence. Only a handful of pardons of innocence have been granted over the past two decades, and the standards for qualifying are quite high. Other pardons are also available (conditional pardon and unconditional pardon), and more frequently granted.

* House Bill 1295, "New Motor Vehicles Warranties"
The Committee on Judiciary 1 discussed my lemon law bill (HB 1295) yesterday. The bill is meant to make the lemon law more consumer friendly by encouraging car manufacturers to settle claims more quickly. Current law requires the owner of a lemon to continue to pay the manufacturer for the privilege of driving the car, which has been determined to be a lemon, while negotiations for a settlement take place. This can sometime take months, and many can't afford to buy another car while negotiating with the manufacturer.


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