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Friday, June 10, 2005

Groups Meet With Legislators 6-10-05

Tuesday was Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Sorority Day at the General Assembly. Sorority members, including Representatives Alma Adams (D-Guilford), and Earline Parmon (D-Forsyth) heard from legislative leaders in the Legislative Building Auditorium during the opening session of their visit and then spread out to meet with other legislators throughout the day.

On Wednesday, hundreds of people lobbied House members to ask them to restore tens of millions of dollars in Medicaid spending which was cut from the Senate budget. In particular, they want the restrictions on personal care services for stay-at-home invalids eliminated. In addition, they asked that the House budget restore Senate cuts in health coverage for an estimated 8,000 of the 50,000 people who would be shifted from Medicaid to Medicare.


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