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Friday, July 01, 2005

Cracking Down On Meth Labs In North Carolina

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn warned a House judiciary panel that methamphetamine manufacturers may be headed to North Carolina unless members approve a bill similar to a new Tennessee law. Tennessee experienced a 39 percent decline in meth lab busts in May, and Gwyn attributes the drop to a law restricting cold tablet sales to pharmacy counters. Attorney General Roy Cooper wants a similar law in North Carolina. The Senate already has approved the measure, but House committee members wanted more information about an alternative proposal that would keep the medicines in a locked cabinet behind a store counter, but not under a pharmacist's control. The Target and Wal-Mart retail chains, as well as the CVS and Rite Aid drugstores, announced this year they would put the cold tablets behind the pharmacy counter. A subcommittee will look at both bills, Senate bill 686 (Meth Lab Prevention Act) and House bill 1345 (Limit Certain Self-Service Drug Purchases) and make recommendations.


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