Pricey Harrison

Friday, July 01, 2005

Global Warming Study

A House committee approved Senate Bill 1134, which would establish a commission to study issues related to global warming and possibly set pollution reduction goals for the state. I cosponsored the House companion to this bill. The Legislative Commission on Global Climate Change would recommend whether the state should reduce pollution that researchers argue contributes to a warmer overall climate. The panel would be composed of legislators, scientists, environmentalists, and members of utility companies and other industries. Robert Jackson, an environmental sciences and biology professor at Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, said research over the past 30 years has increasingly shown that modern climate changes are primarily due to the use of fossil fuels by humans. Of major concern to North Carolina is the dramatic impact sea level rise will have on our 320 miles of ocean front and 4000+ miles of estuarine shoreline. In the absence of leadership at the federal level on this issue, many states have taken on issues of climate change. I have introduced several bills related to climate change, and I am hopeful that some will get a hearing before we adjourn.


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