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Friday, July 01, 2005

Move Over Law Approved

The Senate has unanimously agreed to a bill that would toughen penalties for motorists who fail to slow down or move over for police or emergency vehicles. House Bill 288, which is sponsored by Reps. Ray Rapp (D-Haywood) and Bill McGee (R-Forsyth), updates the 2002 "move-over" law. Motorists who fail to move to another lane when approaching a standing emergency vehicle on a multilane road or slow down while on a two-lane road would be guilty of a traffic infraction, punishable by a $250 fine. The current punishment is up to a $25 fine, with $100 in court costs. The proposed punishments would be greater - reaching a low-grade felony and a six-month driver's license revocation - if a first responder at the scene is injured or dies. The bill now returns to the House, which approved a somewhat similar version of the bill earlier this month, for concurrence.


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