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Friday, July 01, 2005

State's Hit-and-Run Loophole To Be Fixed Soon

The House and Senate will work out differences over a proposal to clarify the hit-and-run law (HB 217, which I introduced) to make it a crime for a motorist to change places with a passenger to avoid a conviction. The bill states that a driver would be convicted of a crime if, after an accident, the motorist allows or agrees to let the car be moved from the scene without an officer's permission.

The Senate amended the measure last week which attempted to clarify the responsibility of passengers in the vehicle. But some House members found the new language was too vague, and the Senate version was rejected on Wednesday. A conference committee of House and Senate members will now be formed to reach a compromise. The legislation was inspired by the death of Tar Heel Sports Network commentator Stephen Gates, who was struck by a car and killed in October 2003 while he examined a flat tire on an interstate ramp.


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