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Monday, August 29, 2005

Greetings From Raleigh 8-26-05

Members of the House of Representatives worked many long hours and got very little sleep this week as we sought to wrap up this year’s legislative session, which began in late January. Lawmakers came back to Raleigh on Monday afternoon and worked past midnight, started back at 8:30 Tuesday morning and worked non-stop through the day and night until shortly after 4 am early Wednesday morning when we recessed for several hours before starting back at 2 pm for four more hours of work and meetings. House members were back at work on Thursday morning for session.

The House leadership said all week that it wanted to finish the remaining work as soon as possible, but would devote the necessary time needed for adequate debate and votes on such important issues as identity theft protections, preventing and punishing gang violence activity, our state’s hit and run law, tax credits for renewable energy sources and historic mill rehabilitation, and lobbying reform.

The House is expected to give final approval next week to legislation that seeks to reduce meth labs across the state by increased regulation of cold medicines, which are used to make the illegal and highly addictive drug, and increasing criminal penalties. Legislators must also complete work on the usual end of session bills such as the adjournment resolution, the technical corrections bill, which makes changes or clarifications to previously passed legislation, and the studies bill, which lists potential committees that will meet during the interim before the start of next year’s session.

The House will be back in session on Monday night at 7 pm as we try to finalize the remaining bills before adjourning for the year.
As I’ve said many times before, I hope you will continue to let me know how you feel about the issues that are being debated by the North Carolina Legislature and the challenges you and your family are facing each day.

It continues to be an honor and a privilege to represent you in Raleigh.



Post Note: Pieces posted for 8/26/05 were posted late due to Jay was away on vacation. Sorry for the delay.


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