Pricey Harrison

Friday, August 05, 2005

Increasing Voter Turnout 8-05-05

The House gave final approval on Thursday to legislation that would let voters in Chapel Hill and Carrboro cast ballots at locations of their choosing. The bill, Senate Bill 98, would create a pilot program through the 2006 elections in which "super precincts" would be created, likely in easily accessible areas that have plenty of parking. Voters at these locations could cast votes, either in early one-stop voting or on Election Day. Supporters say the idea could increase voter turnout by making voting more convenient for commuters and others, compared to standing in lines at local precincts near their homes. The bill was approved mostly along party lines, and sent back to the Senate, which passed a somewhat different version of the measure, so a compromise will have to be reached. The Guilford County Board of Elections is interested in participating in such a pilot project and we are working to get them included in the experiment.


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