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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


As gas prices rise across North Carolina and the country, North Carolina Attorney General, Roy Cooper, suggests North Carolina consumers watch out for price fixing by gas stations and to take steps to save money at the pump.

North Carolina has laws against price fixing, which can occur when competitors agree together to raise or fix their prices. Any consumers who have evidence of price fixing by gas stations in their area are encouraged to file a complaint with the AG’s office. You can do so by visiting or by calling 1-877-5-NO-SCAM. Cooper also wrote to the Federal Trade Commission asking it to monitor the gasoline market in North Carolina for any illegal practices.

Consider the following tips you can follow to save money on gas:

Shop around. Encourage competition by taking your business to gas stations with lower prices.
Slow down. Keeping your speed down means you're burning less of that expensive gas. Using cruise control and the overdrive gear on your car can also help.
Tune up. To increase your miles per gallon, keep your engine tuned, replace clogged oil and air filters, and make sure your oxygen sensor works properly. Using the right grade of motor oil for your car and keeping your tires properly inflated will also help.
Stick to regular gas unless your owner's manual specifies you need a higher grade.
Plan your route. Combine trips to save gas. For example, run errands while on your way to work or while taking your kids to school. Also, consider carpooling or use public and alternative forms of transportation.
Pick the right vehicle. If you own more than one car, drive the one that gets the best gas mileage.
Don't idle. Turn off your engine if you plan to sit for awhile.
Don't overload your trunk. Clear unnecessary things from your trunk and avoid hauling large items on your roof to improve your gas mileage.


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