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Friday, September 02, 2005

Greetings From Raleigh 9-02-05

It has been another busy week in the North Carolina House with lengthy sessions since Monday. As a result of the long hours and late night sessions of the past two weeks, we finished work on many remaining issues and passed an adjournment resolution on Wednesday afternoon, which was expected to be the last vote of the session. With the Senate leaving Tuesday after approving a lottery bill, the General Assembly formally adjourned today.

My colleagues and I will return to Raleigh May 9, 2006 for the short session, but will continue to work in Raleigh during the interim on study committees that will focus on numerous important issues and make recommendations for legislative action next Spring.

The House has stayed in session and completed work on numerous important bills despite the fact that the Senate left on Wednesday morning of last week and weren’t expected to return except to adjourn. However, the Senate reversed course at the end of last week and decided to come back to Raleigh on Tuesday to complete work on several bills that had already pass the House – the most important being the lottery.

The House also completed work on the Meth Lab Prevention Act, which would increase regulation of certain cold medicines that are used in the making of the highly destructive and illegal drug. And, we passed the usual end of session bills such as an adjournment resolution, the technical corrections bill, which makes changes or clarifications to previously passed legislation, and the studies bill, which lists potential committees that will meet during the interim before the start of next year’s session. The House was hopeful that the Senate would take up these important bills before adjourning, but it now appears that Senators will put off the work until next May.

My colleagues and I have worked together during this year’s long session to protect the priorities and values that will help Guilford County and all of North Carolina grow and prosper for years to come. I’m extremely proud of the many accomplishments and progress that we have made on numerous important issues in recent months, which I will discuss further in upcoming email updates. Stay tuned for my recap of this year’s session and highlights of legislation that will impact your life and your community…

As I’ve said many times before, I hope you will continue to let me know how you feel about the issues that are being debated by the North Carolina Legislature and the challenges you and your family are facing each day.
It continues to be an honor and a pleasure to serve you in Raleigh.




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